Brits holidaying in UK this summer are 'so mean' that waiters are LEAVING jobs to protect mental health

GRUMPY Brits holidaying in the UK this summer have been slammed for their rude behaviour towards staff in pubs, cafes and hotels.

The attitudes of some holidaymakers has been so bad that employees have quit the hospitality industry to protect their mental health.

A barrage of complaints have been made by holidaymakers over the service they received in hotels and restaurants, which has resulted in stressed-out workers, The Guardian reports.

The complaints come after the pandemic forced hundreds of Brits to swap their regular holidays abroad for UK breaks, resulting in a staycation boom.

But this surge in demand has also created hordes of grumpy visitors, according to those working in popular holiday destinations.

Guests who would normally be holidaying abroad have come to UK hotspots with unrealistic expectations of services in hotels and restaurants, Susan Briggs, director of the Tourism Network in North Yorkshire told the newspaper.

Some behaviour has been so bad at a cafe in Fowey, Cornwall, that the owner took to Facebook, warning it was wreaking havoc on their staff’s mental health. 

In the post they wrote: “What happened to be kind? My amazing staff are working so so hard, but for some of you this isn’t good enough, some of you can’t wait, some of you are in a rush.”

The hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard this year, after the pingdemic forced workers into isolation, leaving restaurants struggling to find staff at the last-minute.

But some visitors have been unsympathetic over staff shortages, with Francois Strydom who owns the Fat Chef Company in Yorkshire telling the Yorkshire Post: “Some people can be really mean and nasty. We’ve had people just get up and walk out because we can’t get to them within the two minutes after they sit down.”

Cornwall has faced the brunt of criticism from disgruntled holidaymakers, thanks to a surge in visitors this summer.

The county was once the most sought-after staycation region, with a predicted 210,000 tourists expected to visit this year – up from 180,000.

But the coastal county has now been criticised by tourists for being too busy and expensive, with visitors also slamming restaurants for being fully booked or the queues for the chippy being too long.

But staff are getting fed up of being tormented. A cafe owner in Mevagissey has hit back at one "vindictive" customer after she tried to shut down her small business over a row about a gluten-free meal.

She wrote on Facebook: "The problem with Facebook is that people can say what they want, then there's this huge pile-on of people who have never visited our cafe, never looked at our products and had never spoken to us yet threatened us with physical violence."

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