Buy the Qatari royal family's PLANE – complete with a plush bedroom suite and TEN bathrooms

The Boeing 747-8 comes complete with a warren of rooms and is decked out in blue, white and gold, with the word “bling” very much springing to mind.

The royal family's plane was originally intended for a whopping 467 passengers, but the family took out most of the seating to maximise space and it now has seats for 76 passengers and 18 crew.

It’s been listed for sale on Controller and has only been flown for 403.2 hours, which makes it relatively new.

There’s no starting price for the plane, but Perth Now estimates it could go for £500,000,000.

Inside, there’s plenty of room to spare and it would be the perfect place for a mid-air knees up.

There’s a vast dining room-cum-boardroom with comfy-looking blue airline chairs that seats 14 people.

There are also several lounges, including two separate downstairs and upstairs lounges.

When the party is over, there’s a huge bedroom suite with a very comfy-looking double bed.

Bathroom wise, there are ten different toilets, kitted out in the same royal-looking blue and gold colour scheme.

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There’s even a medical centre on board, which might come in handy for those who suffer with travel sickness.

Buyers are told to call up AMAC Aerospace in Switzerland if they fancy making a bid on the plane.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed the fancy new Qatar Airways QSuite, which lets customers sleep in double beds.

The QSuite business class cabin on the airlines’ brand new A350-1000 planes is the first in the world to let couples sleep side-by-side.

The flat beds also have partition screens which can be put up so that the suites are completely self-contained and private – and could be an ideal place to join the mile high club.

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