How cabin crew get revenge – from spiking with LAXATIVES to watering down drinks

They’ve revealed exactly how they get their own back on nuisance passengers, from watering down drinks to full-on ignoring them.

Flight attendant Susan Brown revealed on a Quora thread that one of her biggest bugbears is drunk passengers, and if you are too intoxicated on a plane then she will pour less booze into your cup.

She said:  “Getting complimentary drinks on board doesn’t mean it’s an open bar and people can behave however they like.

“What I will do once they are not watching, is to pour tiny amount of alcohol in their drink and tons of soda/juice to mix it with.

“All the years I have been a crew, I have never had a passenger come back to me and tell me their drink doesn’t taste good.”

She also said that she often ignores annoying passengers – especially if they are repeatedly pressing their call bell.

She said: “We have various monitors in various places on board where we can check where the call bells are coming from. We can turn these call bells off from those monitors and I do this a lot.

“If I am walking up and down the aisles I will try to walk very fast, without any eye contact and in total 'ignore mode'.

“Sometimes we just want to be left alone after been asked 100 questions. I know this is my job but sometimes the questions gets too much.”

Another anonymous flight attendant revealed that they took revenge on a passenger by spiking their drink – with a tissue used to wipe a loo seat.

They wrote: “We had those prefilled cups of chocolate in which you just had to remove a lid and add hot water, I once wiped a toilet seat and used the tissue to infuse in the water filled cup…”

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They also revealed that they repeated the same revenge – with laxatives.

Their comment continues: “Same principle, laxative in a drink+ 'occupied' lavatory.

“I really insist: these persons were absolute jerks, and I have absolutely no regrets.”

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