Cameron Diaz’s Favorite Holiday Meal Is Anything That Goes with Wine

It’s safe to say that actress-turned-entrepreneur Cameron Diaz takes her libations very seriously.

Last summer, the star was one of the first celebrities to launch an organic range of wines. Avaline, which Diaz founded along with her close friend and business partner Katherine Power, aims to set “a new standard” of transparency within the wine industry when it comes to ingredients. The pours are free of any unnecessary additives, resulting in a clean, crisp taste. Since its launch, Avaline has grown to include a sparkling variety, earthy reds, and an herbaceous white, all perfect for last-minute hosting gifts for upcoming holiday celebrations or for drinking with simple weeknight dinners as we head into the winter months.

For Diaz, a hefty glass of red goes best with an equally hearty dish, such as her Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Garlic and Shallots. “I believe that fungi will save the world. We are just scratching the surface of mushrooms’ extraordinary powers. They are delicious, nutrient powerhouses and, dare I say, the bomb,” Diaz tells “This is the perfect dish for a winter’s day shared with friends. Because mushrooms are naturally earthy with their complex umami quality, you’ll find this dish pairs best with Avaline Red for richness and depth.”

Read on for the recipe for Cameron’s Diaz’s go-to pasta dish.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Garlic and Shallots



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