Can you identify UK's top landmarks? Take a quiz to see if you beat most Brits

Probably not that well if the UK-wide results of this new quiz are anything to go by…

Westland London, an architectural antiques business, have created a test to see how well we recognise some of Britain's top landmarks.

The list features everything from statues to buildings and castles – and users have to either guess the name or where it would be found.

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But despite the rise in staycation interest over the last few years – and the fact that everyone studies UK history at school – the average score was below 50 per cent.

Of 2,000 people who took part , Brits scored just 44.5 per cent accurately.

Sure, we can probably all identify Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace accurately, but how about Dover Castle?

There are 29 Unesco World Heritage sites alone in the UK – and a load of other impressive landmarks on top of those.

If your score wasn't too impressive, why not  take a look at a holiday in the UK this summer to brush up on your local knowledge.

Recently, Sun Online Travel had a look at the best cheap British beach resorts – and where to travel for a budget staycation break.

It was also reported that Brits had been buying more caravans and motor homes since Brexit.

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