Checking your kettle or coffee machine will reveal whether your hotel room has been cleaned properly

According to one frequent traveller, there's an easy way to spot just how much effort the housekeeping team have put into making your accommodation hygienic.

Harrison Jacobs, who has stayed in over 300 hotel rooms and Airbnb accommodation in the past year, revealed on Business Insider that he always checks the electric kettle or the coffee maker when he gets into his room.

According to Harrison, there are times when the cleanliness of the accommodation is obvious – but it's not always the case.

He wrote: "Because coffeemakers and electric kettles constantly have water or moisture in them, they can be a haven for bacteria, rust, and mould.

"If they aren't cleaned regularly — and I mean with vinegar, not rinsed with hot water — they quickly become gross.

"As such a small item and a tedious one to clean, I've found that coffeemakers and electric kettles are frequently overlooked by less diligent hotels."

He explained that while mould is an obvious indicator that the room isn't being cleaned properly, rust can also mean that it's in desperate need of some "sprucing up".

But to do a proper check, the kettle or coffee maker aren't the only places you should check.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed some of the most disgusting places in hotel rooms.

The toilet is an obvious spot but the bath and shower, especially the shower head, can also be teaming with bacteria.

You should also always wear slippers because the floor will have seen many pairs of feet on it – and if it's carpeted, it might also be a source of dust mites.

The remote control is another hot spot for bacteria as it's handled by lots of people.

But the one place that might surprise travellers are the seating areas – any soft furnishings could be covered with bacteria since guests often sit on them without any clothes on.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed how guests could be drying themselves with used towels.

Housekeeping staff also confessed to not changing duvets or sheets.

Even in high end hotels, there have been housekeeping staff using the same cloth to clean cups, sinks and toilet seats.

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