Cole Swindell Debuts Music Video for 'Single Saturday Night': 'It's a Reflection of My Quarantine'

The opening of Cole Swindell's latest music video is a familiar scene: the country star sits on his couch flipping through channels and hears nothing but bad news related to the current coronavirus crisis.

As he drifts into sleep, however, Swindell is transported to a different world. A mysterious redhead appears and Swindell belts out his new song, "Single Saturday Night," detailing him going from single to taken.

"Sitting over in the corner, baby, I saw/Pretty red lips working on a White Claw/Shaking to a little, shook me all night long/And I thought, man, what a beautiful sight," Swindell sings in the chorus. "Ain't a morning you don't wake up in my shirt now/Even holding hands walking out of church now/Who'd of thought, baby, looking back that/That would be my last single Saturday night."

Swindell says he is "so excited" for the song’s music video, which dropped Thursday.

"I had a blast filming and editing this one," he tells PEOPLE. "We had to get creative shooting a video during quarantine, but I love the way it turned out."

He adds, "It’s a reflection of my quarantine — tuning out the bad news and escaping to anywhere I want to be, doing the things I love."

"Single Saturday Night" premiered in late May, reaching No. 7 on the iTunes charts the week of its release. Swindell's new single came after the star had to reschedule the remainder of his Down to Earth tour due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During a YouTube livestream ahead of the video's release, Swindell reiterated that it is a "good representation" of his time during the pandemic.

"Every news channel you flip is just bad news, bad news and that's why I love this song," he told fans. "I love having it out right now because it's just a feel-good song and I think we all need one of those right now."

"This video puts a smile on my face," he continued. "Because it reminds me of all the places I wish I had been the past couple months."

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