Cruise passengers on £4,800 holiday shocked to find crew member having sex with a woman in their cabin

Bobby, 64, and Mary Jackson, 62, were travelling with Norwegian Cruise Line from Singapore to Thailand on their dream cruise.

Just after boarding the ship, they were confronted with the sight of a naked male crew member having sex with a mystery woman on their bed.

Mary said: "I was horrified, what I witnessed was extremely unpleasant.

"There was a man and woman having sex on the bed in our designated room.

"I immediately closed the door again.

"Eugene, our cabin attendant, was present and he immediately went to inform his supervisor.

"We are not prudes but this was ridiculous."

The couple, from Carrickfergus, County Antrim, had paid about £4,800 for the week-long cruise – their first ever – on the 2,376-passenger Norwegian Jewel ship in October.

But the trip didn’t get off to the best of starts when they were left waiting on the quayside at Singapore’s Marina Bay for two and a half hours in scorching heat before boarding.

Bobby said: "When we finally got on the ship we first went to the bar for a drink because we were exhausted after all the standing around in the heat.

"We were then shown down to our state room accommodation, which we were really looking forward to seeing."

When they got to cabin 10039, the electronic key card wouldn’t work in the door at first .

But at the third attempt, the door finally opened and that is when their jaws hit the deck.

Mary said: "I could see the back of a man on the bed who was directly facing us and it was obvious he was in the middle of having sex with a woman.

"I shut the door immediately and we went into the cabin next door where my sister was staying while the staff sorted this out.

"I was traumatised and I needed a glass of water."

The couple then went to complain to the ship’s guest relations manager but there was no alternative room available because the boat was full up, they said.

Bobby said: "We went back to the cabin and tried to go back in there but although the woman had left, the male was still there.

"Two of the ship’s crew in white uniforms eventually persuaded him to leave. He looked very sheepish.

"I asked if the crew if knew him and they told me he was a worker on the boat."

The couple said they were "insulted" when they were then offered the equivalent of about £100 of credits to spend on the ship as compensation.

Things got worse when Mary took ill with a stomach bug two days later and spent most of the rest of the trip confined to her cabin.

She said: "I was extremely frightened because I was very sick and I was a long way from home.

"The ship’s doctor put me on an IV drip, gave me antibiotics and I was told to stay out of the sun."

When the couple returned home they wrote to Florida-based operators Norwegian Cruise Line to complain about their experience but were unhappy with an offer of £200 each in credits towards their next trip with the firm, if taken this year.

The cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line said a full investigation has taken place and the appropriate action has been taken.

They said the Jacksons have been contacted to discuss compensation.

Cruise workers have previously confessed to some of the sordid secrets behind the scenes of a cruise ship.

Claire Sanders, who worked as a hairdresser onboard cruise ships, revealed staff members often had sex with older passengers for extra cash.

Cruise hostess Hayley Jane explained how staff would also have "competitions" to sleep with other passengers despite it being prohibited by most cruise lines.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Norwegian Cruise Line for comment.

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