Disney Announces Massive Expansion For Tokyo DisneySea By 2022 – New Port, Attractions, And Hotel

Tokyo DisneySea cotinues to grow and will become a lot bigger in a few years.

A couple of years ago, plans were revealed for a big expansion at Tokyo DisneySea, but it now has been confirmed that those announcements were only the beginning. On Thursday, Disney revealed plans for a massive expansion that will bring forth an eighth port to the park which will be connected to a new deluxe resort hotel. The new port will include areas themed to Disney’s Frozen, Disney’s Tangled, and Peter Pan with a scheduled opening set for sometime in 2022.

The Disney Parks Blog reported that the latest expansion project is going to be in addition to the Beauty and the Beast-inspired area and Big Hero 6 attraction announced in 2016. This new area will be an entirely new port that will be added to the other seven already inside of DisneySea.

  • Lost River Delta
  • Mediterranean Harbor
  • Arabian Coast
  • American Waterfront
  • Mysterious Island
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Port Discovery
  • New port themed to magical springs and Disney fantasy – Coming in 2022

The new port will have four new attractions and three new dining locations, but there is much more to come. A new deluxe hotel with a “one-of-a-kind luxury wing” is also being built and it will be connected directly to the port inside the park.

Disney’s Tangled

The area themed after Disney’s Tangled will feature Rapunzel’s tower and have a gondola attraction which brings guests on their “best day ever” as they head for the floating lantern festival. The new dining location in this area will have a menu inspired by the hideout of the fun-loving thugs from the animated feature.

Disney’s Frozen

In the Frozen area, guests will be able to enjoy the kingdom of Arendelle after the royal sisters opened the gates to all visitors. There will be a brand new boat attraction taking guests through Anna and Elsa’s story and a new restaurant inside of Arendelle Castle.

Peter Pan

The third themed area will see Peter Pan and his story receive two brand new attractions amid Skull Rock and Captain Hook’s pirate ship. One attraction will have guests flying high above Neverland with Peter Pan to rescue Wendy’s brother John. The second attraction will have guests shrink down and follow Tinker Bell to Pixie Hollow.

A new restaurant in the area will be inspired by the hideout of the Lost Boys.

Unnamed Deluxe Hotel

The new deluxe hotel is going to actually open inside of Tokyo DisneySea and it will be connected to the new eighth port. It will feature 475 deluxe and luxury guests rooms, two more new restaurants, and a merchandise shop all themed to Disney fantasy.

Everyone thought that the expansion including new areas and attractions announced back in 2016 was something that couldn’t be believed, but Disney has once again gone higher. This latest expansion to Tokyo DisneySea is one that will bring forth exciting additions of both newer and classic Disney movies. Set to open at some point in 2022, it may be time to start planning your trip around the world to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

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