Disney guest uses stolen staff iPad to skip the long ride queues – and is called a 'hero'

A DISNEY World guest was kicked out of the park after using a stolen iPad to jump the ride queues – although fans have called them a 'hero'.

The 30-year-old guest from Florida was caught using the Disney World app which is only available for cast members and staff.

The app lets the holder skip the lines, usually for VIPS and other important guests.

However, the guest managed to get hold of the app and pretended to be a tour guide, meaning he and his group skipped all of the long ride queues.

It was only when an investigations manager from the park’s Tickets and Resort Fraud team was alerted to a number of "unapproved overrides" at some of the attractions that the man was caught.

After his reservation for a ride was flagged and cancelled, the guest was then followed to the car park, where he was confronted by the investigations manager.

However, the guest admitted that he had been making reservations with the tablet, but didn't know it was stolen – claiming a "company" had given it to him.

The tablet was later confirmed to be owned by Disney, but had not been reported lost, nor could confirm which department it was from.

The sheriff's report said, following the incident: "The app is used to facilitate entry into the front of the lines without having to stand in line to wait on the ride.

"The application is a private app for qualifying guests and is only installed on WDW company-owned devices. The app is not available to the public for use."

The guest was kicked out of the park for trespassing, although local media claims he has not been charged.

Other people were a fan of his actions – one person wrote: "This man is my hero."

Another person asked: "You need to log in to do anything on those iPads, so I’m a bit confused how he pulled that off."

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