easyHotel's launches weird lullaby service with sounds like traffic and hoovering

The budget hotel chain's aim is to replicate the sounds of home and help guests fall sleep.

The playlists, based on a poll to gauge guests’ individual preferences, will be available on Spotify.

Other sounds include free-moving traffic, a dishwasher, distant calm conversation and the sound of a shower.

The service will be trialled at easyHotel’s locations in Glasgow, Newcastle and Croydon first, because the hotel says that guests in these hotels tend to checkout the latest, suggesting that they need the most sleep.

Links to the playlists, accessible via any smartphone, will be provided at check-in in those locations, before being rolled out across the easyHotel network.

Laurie Walters, Chief Sheep Counter at easyHotel, said: “Our business is comfortable, affordable sleep for as little as the cost of a prog rock double album (£19.99).

"What listening to a washing machine or hoovering might lack in glamour, it gains in a quick drift off to comfortable night’s sleep."

This isn't the first time that easyHotel have launched quirky offerings to their guests.

The hotel chain also hit the headlines last May for selling tourists a fake window view of London’s landmarks for £1 a night at its Old Street hotel.

EasyHotel lullaby tracklist includes

The fake view is mounted on a PVC board and attached to the wall with temporary adhesive strips.

The scheme proved so popular that it has also been rolled out at the Croydon branch.

It seems that Croydon guests get all the luck – last Valentine's Day, customers staying there could also get a self-assembly four-poster bed, plus a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a bottle of 'Premier Cru Fanta'.

For the £5 Valentine's package, the beds came with a vinyl canopy in pink and orange chiffon-effect netting.

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