Emirates are recruiting flight attendants – but the rules about how you must look are VERY strict

Emirates are hiring staff to be based in glamorous Dubai – but there are some very strict stipulations on appearance if you get the job.

Candidates won’t be allowed to have any visible tattoos, nor can they cover up existing ones with bandages.

Height-wise, you’ll have to be at least 5’3” and be able to reach to the height of 6’9” on tiptoes (that’s for helping with bags in overhead lockers).

You must also be at least 21 years old, physically fit and fluent in English.

The company has strict guidelines for applying, which for women includes sending over a set of photos, one full length and formal and one more casual but still “smart and sophisticated”.

Grooming guidelines state that women must wear “visible makeup” with their hair “professionally groomed in a bun”.

In photos, you need to show a “big happy smile” and must wear a smart suit, high heels and skin-coloured tights.

The rules for men are also strict and they must be clean shaven with neat and tidy hear and no piercings visible.

You’ll be based in Dubai and can expect to earn 9,500 AED per month tax-free (£1,965).

The website also states that staff get concessional flights so they can explore new cities in their own time – perfect for those who love to travel.

You’ll also get free accommodation in Dubai, shared with either one or two other colleagues.

If you want to apply then check out the Emirates recruitment website here.

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