Every Important Way Meghan Markle Gives Back (And the 1 Taboo Topic She's Not Afraid to Talk About)

Long before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she was making waves in the world of philanthropy. In fact, she’s been speaking out against inequality and standing up for causes she believes in since she was just a kid. And not only is Markle committed to using her celebrity as a platform for good, but she’s made humanitarianism her mission.

Interested in hearing more about how this do-gooder gives back? Great, because you’re about to discover all the ways, including the one taboo topic she’s not afraid to talk about (page 4) and the charity that goes along with it.

She asked her wedding guests to make donations instead of give gifts

Meghan Markle is giving back, even on her wedding day. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For anyone else, inheriting the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, would be enough. But not for Markle. Not surprisingly, she found a way to give back even on her own wedding day (because obviously, these royals aren’t struggling to buy a new set of pots and pans for the kitchen). So, Prince Harry and Markle put charities on their registry instead of gifts.

While Markle isn’t the first royal bride to ask for donations in lieu of gifts, she’s clearly put her own mark on it. Markle — along with Prince Harry — chose specific charities that resonate with her. One such charity is StreetGames, a sports organization dedicated to helping youth in disadvantaged areas. One of StreetGames’ missions, in particular, is girl empowerment, a cause Markle has been supporting for years.

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