Fans can’t stop raving about the ‘Virgin Bubble’ where passengers enjoy a first class experience at economy prices – The Sun

VIRGIN Atlantic have an upper deck, also known as "The Bubble" which offers a private set of economy seats.

Only frequent travellers and Virgin Atlantic fans are aware of the area, which offers a much higher standard of service.

The first class experience is normally reserved by pop stars, footballers and billionaire business types, with the Bubble being a similar experience, only in economy instead.

The Bubble holds only 33 economy seats and 20 premium economy seats.

It has its own dedicated cabin crew, allows passengers to exit the aircraft more quickly on arrival and there is even the chance to meet the pilot.

Frequent flyers to destinations such as Orlando, Las Vegas and Barbados know all about the Bubble and choose it for the feeling of exclusivity it offers.

After climbing the stairway inside the plane, it feels very separate from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the aircraft.

Thanks to the fact that this section has its own cabin crew, the service is quick and efficient.

All passengers – and pilots – share the toilet and the cabin crew team.

Another perk of flying in the Bubble is the side lockers under the window.

The overhead lockers aren’t quite as large as the main deck, so extra lockers are provided by the seats.

As well as storing all books, iPads, extra cardigans and socks, these lockers can be used as a shelf to free up your standard tray – a luxury no other economy seat holds.

For families with young kids or those of us in a hurry, there is the extra benefit of leaving the flight before the rest of economy.

You still have to wait for passengers in upper class and premium economy to leave first, but beating the rest of the plane to the dreaded immigration queue is priceless.

And if the pilots aren’t too busy during boarding, you can ask a member of the cabin crew to go into the cockpit and say hello – a treat that is quite rare on long haul flights.

Virgin allows you to pre-book your seats for a small cost – sitting in economy in the Bubble costs £35 extra per person, per flight.

Fans of the seats have shared their joy on social media.

Twitter user Gemma wrote: "Flying with Virgin for the first time, I’m upstairs in 'the bubble' and have an entire row to myself. Living the actual dream pals."

Another remarked: "Sittin in the bubble, been wanting to sit up here since I was a wee nip(per) . New york, San fran and Vegas here come the Lauee’s — at Virgin Atlantic Departures, Manchester Airport

Aaron tweeted: "Looking forward to 9 hours of @VirginAtlantic Premium up in the bubble!!.. "

But with so few seats available, they are likely to sell out fast, so if you want to experience the high life at a low cost, book as soon as you can.

Virgin’s Boeing 747 flies various routes from London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast.

What's it like to fly in the Virgin Bubble?

Les Carmel Porter told Sun Online Travel that flying in the "Bubble" was "like flying premium class only for economy price".

She said: "We love it so much – quieter, plenty of time to get to know the staff.

"Lots of room and so much more comfortable from a flying point of view.

She added: "Seat 75 [is] my favourite as nothing in front of your so can stretch out."

Sun Online previously revealed that Virgin Atlantic has introduced three new types of seats in economy.

The Economy Light, Economy Classic and Economy Delight offer different sized seats, ranging from 31" to 34".

The airline's new Upper Class seats transform in 6"10 beds, with passengers able to have exclusive afternoon tea and cocktails.

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