The Most Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest of President Donald Trump’s five children, is a businessman and made appearances on his dad’s TV show, The Apprentice. For years he’s kept an office in his father’s Manhattan building, stories below his dad’s penthouse apartment. Ahead, learn about Donald Trump Jr.’s hobbies and why he may run for office someday.

Donald Trump Jr. met his wife at a fashion show

Donald Trump Sr. introduced them. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images For IMG

While attending a fashion show, Donald Trump introduces his son to model, Vanessa Haydon. After a series of awkward run-ins, Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa are dating. A few years later, they marry at the Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.

Hint: He gets an engagement ring for free.

He proposed with a free engagement ring

Hopefully she liked it anyways. | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

In exchange for announcing his engagement to Vanessa Haydon, outside their jewelry store, a New Jersey jeweler supplies Donald Trump Jr. with a free engagement ring, according to Cosmopolitan. “You have a name that is hot as a pistol, you have to be very careful with things like this,” President Donald Trump said on Larry King Live, of his son’s deal with the jeweler, according to The New York Times.

Hint: Donald Trump Jr.’s hobby is controversial.

He loves hunting

People were not happy. | AJ Joshi via Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t just love hunting, he loves big game hunting. Donald Trump Jr.’s love of big-game hunting is a point of conflict. A picture of him holding a severed elephant’s tail causes controversy when the photo is circulated on Twitter.

Hint: Defying his parents wishes, Donald Trump Jr. goes here after college.

Donald Trump Jr. took a year off after college

He spent a year laying low. | tonda/iStock/Getty Images

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump Jr. spent a year hunting, fishing, and skiing in Aspen, according to Vanity Fair. He lived out of the back of a truck, tended bar, and didn’t speak to father for a year. In September 2001, he went back home to begin working for the family business.

Hint: He learned a language from his grandparents.

He speaks a foreign language

He’s fluent in his mother’s native language. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. spent summers in his youth visiting his maternal grandparents in Czechoslovakia, according to Biography. Spending time with his grandparents, Donald Trump Jr. learned to speak his mother’s native language of Czech. He doesn’t just know enough to get by in Czechoslovakia, he’s fluent in the language, Donald Trump Jr. said on Twitter.

Hint: Donald Trump Jr. enjoys politics.

May run for office

He may be the only one in America who misses the campaign. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. misses the intensity of the presidential campaign, according to Page Six. “The politics bug bit me,” he told the publication in 2017. While he’s currently running the Trump Organization with his brother, Eric, Donald Trump Jr. has no time to run for office. But don’t count him out. He’d like to run for governor of New York.

Hint: A picture of Skittles caused problems for Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. started a controversy online

He compared refugees to Skittles. | Joe Walsh via Twitter

One tweet of Donald Trump Jr.’s sparked a controversy among Twitter users and beyond. In Sept. 2016, he tweeted a meme comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles. This isn’t the first time Donald Trump Jr. receives criticism for his tweets. Other tweets lead to him getting schooled by celebrities on social media.

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