Foreign hospitals charge up to £2,583 A NIGHT if you're not insured on holiday

Foreign hospital beds cost up to 12 times more than a five star hotel for an uninsured traveller – bad news if you get sick and have forgotten to insure yourself on holiday.

New research from personal finance comparison site has found that Monaco is the most expensive place for a hospital bed at £2,583.

Whereas a stay in a five star hotel would set you back £385 for the night.

Your travel insurance for the week, however, would only have set you back around £19.

A Luxembourg hospital for the night will set you back £1,306 per night, as opposed to a five star hotel, which costs around £117.

Norway comes in third place, where your hospital bed will cost you £1,007 per night, as opposed to a hotel at £248 per night.

The countries that follow this are Qatar, Switzerland, San Marino, Denmark, Ireland, the UAE and the Netherlands.

Britain is the 23rd most expensive country for foreign hospital visitors, with a bed coming in at £423 per night.

Meanwhile a stay in a luxury hotel in the UK will cost you on average £117 a night.

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In terms of the UK’s favourite destination to head to on holiday, Spain is the number one choice, and there a hospital bed will cost you £332 per night.

France is the second most popular place for Brits to visit, and a bed there will come at the price of £428 per night.

In third place is the USA, where a bed will cost you £482.

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