Former cabin crew reveals the things passengers should never do on a flight

Belinda, who used to work as cabin crew on an international airline, explained that those who don't follow these unwritten rules make the flight worse for everyone on board.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the former flight attendant explained that before you board, you should always have your boarding pass ready.

She explained how checking the pass is in the interest of the passenger, to make sure that they don't end up in "Perth if you're bound for Paris".

Another in-flight courtesy is to not spend hours in the bathroom, with there being just a few on the aircraft for more than 100 passengers.

Belinda advises passengers to be as "quick and efficient" as possible, being aware of other people using it afterwards.

Being kind to other passengers also involves not opening the blinds during the evening flight if passengers are sleeping.

Instead, she said passengers should avoid this and use the overhead light if choosing to stay awake.

Travellers on a flight should avoid complaining about things outside of the crew's control, with common grievances being bad turbulence and running out of food.

Belinda explained that they often "don't know how long turbulence will last," and they are unable to let them know when it will end.

With regards to running out of your preferred meal options, she revealed that being kind to the crew could mean being given some extra food from their "secret stash" as an apology.

Other ways to avoid annoying the flight crew include bringing extra pens for filling in immigration forms as well as not sleeping in the aisle of the plane in case of an emergency.

Other flight attendants have revealed the worst questions to be asked by passengers.

One is to lift their suitcase for them – something cabin crew are not allowed to do in case they are injured.

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