Friends-themed Airbnb with the famous Central Perk sofa and football table opens – and you can rent it for the night

FRIENDS fans can live out their dreams with an Airbnb based on the popular TV show – complete with a mini Central Perk.

The flat's living area has the iconic orange sofa, with a huge Central Perk mirror and coffee table.

Guests can also use the guitar in the corner and play some of Phoebe's iconic songs including Smelly Cat.

The kitchen is similar to Monica's apartment with bright blue cupboards, while a football table from Joey and Chandler's apartment is also included.

Avid fans will be able to spot the smaller details of the show scattered throughout the apartment – a copy of the Shining can be found in the fridge, while the Hugsy penguin toy is in the bedroom.

Even the purple front door has the yellow photo frame around the peephole, along with an Etch-a-Sketch on the wall.

A replica of the show's pilot episode script is also available with a scene which was never aired.

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To pass the evenings, there are Friends board games and a TV to watch the series on – as well as the Gellar Cup for the winners.

However, it is also in a great location as it is found in Beverly Hills in LA.

The flat is an eight minute walk from the Beverly Hills electric fountain – with the owner challenging guests to make their own Friends opening scene.

The Airbnb has been open for a number of years but has recently had a renovation with the Friends features.

One night stays start from £278 for two people, setting you back £139 each.

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