From an airport at Westminster to a pyramid in Trafalgar Square – see designs of London that didn’t quite make it

But designs for landmarks have now been unearthed that show that the capital could have looked completely different.

Barratt Homes has re-imagined these old designs and brought them up to date to show what these ideas would have looked like if they’d come to fruition.

There’s the idea for an airport next to the Houses of Parliament, as well as a monorail going through the middle of Regent Street.

There was also once a bizarre idea to build a pyramid right in the middle of the city – where Trafalgar Square is now, at the top end of Whitehall.

And back in the Victorian era, a prototype skyscraper was designed at 1,000 foot tall – the same height as The Shard now. Read on for more architectural ideas that could have been.

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