Housekeepers Reveal Their Best Tips for Cleaning Your Master Bedroom

Ever wonder how housekeepers get your master bedroom feeling so clean? Wonder no more! Read on for master bedroom cleaning tips that come straight from cleaning experts. Incorporate these tips into your normal cleaning routine and you’ll feel like your bedroom’s been professionally cleaned all year long.

1. Declutter

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The first thing you need to do when tackling your master bedroom is declutter. If  you want to do a deep clean, or even if you’re just trying to tidy up, the first step to take is to put away all the clutter. Whatever doesn’t belong in your room move elsewhere, hang up clean clothes, and toss dirty clothes in the hamper. Everything should be in its “place.”

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2. Make your bed

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Once you’ve decluttered your room, the next step is to make your bed. The housekeepers at Care say that once you’ve made your bed, you’re basically half-way done. They also suggest using the surface of your bed as a place to fold and sort laundry or for other organizing tasks.

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3. Bed cleaning tips

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According to the experts at Care, your pillows and comforters only need a good, deep cleaning two or three times a year. If you know you’re likely to forget about this biannual chore, they recommend marking your calendar a few times a year as a reminder, or just doing it when the seasons change.

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4. Donate regularly

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Another tip from housekeepers is to donate the stuff you don’t wear or use regularly. It sounds simple in practice: the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to clean, but it’s hard to implement. Making a habit of going through your things once every couple months and getting rid of stuff should be a regular part of your deep-cleaning routine.

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5. Clean your purses

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Think about where your purse sits during a normal day: the bathroom floor, the ground outside, the floor of a restaurant … you don’t wan’t those germs sitting on your bed or bedroom carpet. The housekeepers at Care suggest to clean your purse regularly.

“Before you put your favorite purse, baby bag, or gym bag back in your closet wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe,” suggests the site.

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6. Don’t forget to clean the walls

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When deep cleaning their master bedroom, most people forget to clean the walls. But your walls are a lot dirtier than you think they are. Take a magic eraser and spot clean any smudges you see. You’ll be surprised how many there are once you actually start looking.

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7. Keep your night stands sparse

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Night stands are typically clutter magnets. The experts at Care suggest just keeping the essentials on and in your nightstands. “If you keep just the essentials, you won’t end up searching for stuff, and you’ll have less to clean. Necessities could include your alarm clock, tissues, a lamp, and a book,” says the publication.

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