How much would it cost to visit every Disney park on Earth?

If you want to visit every single Disney park around the world, it’ll take more than just a deep love of all things Disney. It’ll take at least 13 days to visit all 12 Disney parks — and two Disney water parks — spread out over four different countries and spanning three continents and two islands.

To help you plan — or at least wish upon a star — for such a dream trip, GOBankingRates looked into how much it would cost to visit one park per day during peak admission season for one person age 10 and up. The study also included hotel costs but omitted the cost of flights, transportation, and food in most instances.

Disney Park ticket breakdown: Disney World vacation packages, Disney resorts and more

Disney park tickets come in various forms, such as Park Hopper tickets and single park tickets — and their total cost varies depending on the season. A Park Hopper ticket lets you do exactly as it describes: hop from park to park. In some destinations, like Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, there are multiple parks: the original Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. With a Park Hopper ticket, you can hop back and forth from park to park as much as you’d like without paying extra admission for re-entry.

For the purposes of this study, GOBankingRates didn’t factor in the cost of these tickets in the grand total, instead primarily using the single park tickets to factor in the cost, except where noted. But if you do choose to pay for a Park Hopper over a single park ticket, you can generally save yourself some money with typical use.

Disney World tickets, or ticket prices for any Disney park for that matter, also vary depending on when you go — whether it’s a weekday or weekend or peak season or off-season. Some Disney resorts overseas will refer to peak seasons as Super Magic times, whereas other Disney locations call it peak time. Either way, these are times when demand for the parks is highest — as are prices. On the other hand, during off times, the cost of a ticket can be much lower. GOBankingRates only factored in the cost of tickets during peak — or Super Magic — times.

Different Disneyland locations and different Disney resorts also have their own Disney hotels where you can stay. The park in Orlando, Florida, also offers Disney World vacation packages for your Disney World vacation. Follow this Mouscapade from Florida to California, through parts of Asia and then on to Europe to find out how much a tour of the entire magical world of Disney would cost.

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