How to get through airport security as quickly as possible for free, according to a travel expert

A TRAVEL expert has shared a tip on how to get through airport security as quickly as possible, without forking out for a premium ticket.

Having already gone through check-in and bag drop, most travellers are desperate to sit down in a bar or browse duty free before they have to board their flight.

Travel expert Nora Dunn has revealed a three-fold hack when it comes to getting through airport security without hanging around too long.

The key to speeding through, she said, is spotting the right queue.

She wrote onQuora: "The magic to clearing airport security is in being in the right line-up.

"Look at the people in line and choose the line with the most business travellers. These people have airport security clearance down to a fine art.

"While you're standing in line behind them, watch what they do and learn from them. If they're good, it's like a dance."

Nora's second tip was on which travellers to avoid being in a queue with, and, unsurprisingly, she said it's best to avoid families with young kids.

She wrote: "If you don't see a line-up with business travellers, then at least avoid – at all costs – line-ups with families (especially families with small children).

"They are notoriously, and understandably, slow in sorting their belongings to go through the x-ray machines."

Her final tip was about the staff working on security.

She said: "Look at the agents and choose the line-up with only one agent at the x-ray machine.

"If there's more than one person, chances are one of them is a trainee and this line is going to crawl."

She added: "Once you’ve chosen the right line-up, then it’s important to be on the ball with your liquids easily accessible in a ziploc bag, your laptop and other electronics pulled out, and easy-to-remove shoes and bel."

Travel experts have revealed that going left at airport security checks could mean you get through faster because most people are right-handed.

Airport staff claim that you’re more likely to be stopped at airport security if you whistle or yawn.

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