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FLIGHT attendants have revealed the three items that passengers should always pack in their hand luggage, but often don't.

It can be difficult for passengers to remember to pack everything they need for a flight, particularly with luggage allowances to consider.

But forgetting certain things can annoy the cabin crew, who regularly see the people on their flights making the same mistakes.

Several of them have come together for an article in Thrillist to reveal which ones irritate them the most.

Blankets and pillows

Not every person on a flight will want to be the same temperature and it's important for passengers to understand that it's up to them to make themselves comfortable.

Planes tend to be quite cold, for several different reasons, and if that's a problem for you, it's your responsibility to bring a blanket or something to keep yourself warm, as not all planes will provide them.

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Those that do, may also not clean them before they give them to you.

Flight attendants recommend travel blankets that fold down really small, as well as lightweight travel pillows.


On longer flights, airlines will often provide entertainment for their passengers in the screen on the back of the seat in front of them.

However, most passengers now will not bring headphones with them that they can use with the screens.

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Most people now only bring Bluetooth headphones, which cannot be plugged in and therefore cannot be used with the in-flight entertainment.

Some airlines will have headphones available on board, but will charge passengers for them.

This means people will either be out of pocket, or will simply have to go without the entertainment.


International travel often requires some paperwork to be carried out on the plane before arrival, yet barely anyone will have a pen in their bag.

But if a passenger has also forgotten to bring headphones and has to go without the in-flight entertainment, pens can also help pass the time.

Emily Kuhn, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant said: “You rarely would add a pen to your packing list, but you’ll need one for paperwork for international destinations, or just to do a crossword puzzle in a magazine."

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These mistakes that passengers make can result in their plane being delayed.

Flight attendants would never do these five things when flying as a passenger.

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