I'm a flight attendant and we swear by one suitcase that NEVER breaks

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the one suitcase they all swear by which never breaks when travelling the world.

The flight attendant, based in Florida, goes by the name Sharmy and often shares secrets of the job.

Her latest video to her 22,600 followers was about the suitcases all crew use – and why they are so good.

She explained: "How come all the flight attendants you see at the airport seem to have the exact same carry on?

"Number one and most importantly is our luggage is seen as part of our uniform, it's highly regulated by airlines, everything from size to colour, even the colour of the zippers.

"For some airlines they even regulate the make of suitcase."

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However, she explained there was one brand which many airlines often recommend not just for style but durability.

She continued: "But in addition to our luggage being part of our appearance guidelines, Travelpro is just good quality stuff."

"As someone who decided not to buy the Travelpro suitcase when I was in airline training, I went through a suitcase every two months.

"In this job, we beat suitcases down, we cannot use the same suitcases as the casual traveller going to Disney once a year.

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"You will be dragging 50 pounds of our stuff through the airport with a broken handle or a broken wheel."

The video has been watched nearly 32,000 times, with other people sold by the bags too.

One person wrote: "This is awesome. Thank you!"

Another said: "I had a TravelPro for years."

The suitcases, which were designed by former pilot Bob Plath 30 years ago, start from £140 onAmazon, where it also received rave reviews.

Another flight attendant reviewed it, saying: "Beautiful and sturdy. As a flight attendant, I need luggage that can withstand the brutality we often inflict on our poor luggage."

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