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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a clever £13.99 item she always travels with on long-haul flights.

Debbie, who works as an in-flight service manager for Air New Zealand, revealed the strange trick.

She said she always flies with a silk pillowcase.

She admitted to New Zealand Herald it "sounds a little bit luxurious."

However, she uses the pillowcase to put over the pillow provided on the plane, which are often made from cheap material.

Silk pillowcases are cleaner than cotton ones, according to experts.

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They’re hypoallergenic, which means they provide a physical barrier between you and allergens such as dust mites. 

Not only that, but a silk pillowcase is good for your hair.

The super smooth surface doesn’t create as much friction so your hair won’t become frizzy and damaged as you toss and turn at night.

Advocates also say the fabric doesn’t absorb as much moisture and dirt compared to cotton, which can be helpful for those prone to acne and blemishes.

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Plus, the smooth surface means less friction on your skin, which can reduce irritation and therefore inflammation, as well as potentially wrinkles.

You can buy silk pillowcases for as little as £13.99 on Amazon, with thousands of positive reviews.

The pillows are much dirtier on planes than you might think.

A former airline attendant who went by the username Melhow44 backed up these claims on Reddit, saying: "Those blankets and pillows?

"Yeah, those just get refolded and stuffed back in the bins between flights."

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Instead, you should opt for this £17 travel pillow which flight attendants swear by.

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