I'm a frequent flyer and this is the best way to bag a free upgrade to business class

FREE flight upgrades are the kind of thing that only seem to happen to other people.

But one frequent flyer has shared an easy tip that might boost your chances of getting bumped up.

Raghavan Usha Giriraj shared his advice on question-and-answer site Quora.

His tip is to arrive at the airport early – something every dad is already doing – and to ask for an upgrade at the check-in desk.

He said: "Your flight may only have one or two upgrade places available, so maximise your chances of bagging them by rocking up at check-in way before the scheduled departure.

"One of my friends got to Heathrow Airport far too early, but at least there was no queue.

"The check-in lady told him that they had a spare seat in business class and since he was the first to arrive he could have it for free.

"He graciously accepted it."

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Raghavan went on to advise passengers that they are more likely to bag an upgrade if they travel on a flight that is not very full.

He continued: "Possibilities of getting your ticket upgraded would be less if you decided to travel on busiest days because flights might not have spare seats.

"So, book your flight on bank holidays and at other times of the year when business users are less likely to fly."

An ex-British Airways steward has shared some more tips for getting upgraded to first class for free.

Dressing smartly, doing research and being flexible are all things you can do to help increase your chances of getting an upgrade.

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