Instagrammer Harimao Lee ridiculed for this picture with fairy lights that she shared on a Business Class flight

Chances are, you have never considered taking some fairy lights with you.

But that is precisely what travel Instagrammer Harimao Lee did on a recent Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Rome.

The influencer, who has 127,000 followers, shared a snap of herself in Business Class, wrapped in the battery-operated lights – and the internet was full of ridicule.

The image was captioned: “It was the long dark night during the flight from HK to Rome. Stargazing is one thing to do in the cabin.”

While the picture has been liked by more than 15,000 people, it has also been commented on thousands of times by disgruntled Instagram users, many of whom complaining about how fake the picture was.

One user who called themselves Ballernomics said: “First off. With those bright lights in the plane, it would diminish the light that you would
perceive outside the plane.

“Second, the fact that you brought this onto a plane is the epitome of attention seeking behaviour.”

Another user called Nicolaborton said: “LOL she brought fairy lights onto the plane who is this.”

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact that she wasn’t even sat in sat in the plane seat… but on the footrest.

One user called bloomsdaymama said: I always bring fairy lights and sit in the footrest when I travel business class, don’t you?”

Not everyone was unimpressed though, with many leaping to Harimao’s defence.

One user called libertaycitay said: “Haters will always hate. You just keep being fabulous.”

Another user called manfromperu said: “Cool pic. Get some wine down you and have a rocking trip.”

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