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A PARENT and frequent flyer has revealed how she prepares for long plane journeys with her kids.

Keeping youngsters occupied on flights can be a nightmare, with entertainment on board the plane somewhat limited.

However, travel blogger Emily Krause has picked up a few tricks to make sure her four kids don't kick up a fuss when flying,

One of those tips includes feeding both her and her family members as much as she possibly can to avoid any potential problems.

She told Yahoo Life that she always takes enough snacks to keep everyone happy in her hand luggage.

She said: "Take stock of what you have in your carry-on and personal item and plan for at least one extra day of essentials.

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"I take tons of snacks. Like, way more snacks than you think you'll need. For you and the kids."

Emily also avoids losing any suitcases by sticking to a strict hand luggage only policy, even when flying with her whole family.

She added: "We were constantly losing luggage and I just decided one day that we were only going to travel with carry-ons from then on."

Emily is not the only person with extensive experience of flying with very young children.

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Vanessa and Kelvin Weir from New Zealand learnt some of methods to keep their toddlers occupied when they took them travelling through Europe.

During their three-and-a-half-month trip, they visited the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and travelled through Scandinavia, with their daughters Mackenzie, 3, and Cleo, 1, in tow.

From that, the main thing they swear by is boarding the plane last, even if you're invited to board first as a family.

Vanessa told Stuff.co.nz: “The least amount of time in a small confined space the better."

Other parents have backed up the Weirs' advice, saying that boarding the plane first with kids is always a big mistake.

Travel show host Samantha Brown has a lot of experience of plane journeys and in more recent years has started taking her young children on trips too.

In a recent video on Instagram, she revealed why it's a good idea to get priority boarding seats when travelling with young children, but only board the plane at the last minute.

She said: "A lot of people like to pre-board with children under two- they think it's great to get on the plane first. Here's a better way to use the pre-board.

"Partner number one uses the pre-board to load all the stuff – all the bags and strollers – while partner number two waits in the gate area with the kids, keeps them worn out, walks them around and does not board until the very last zone is called.

"Use the pre-board only to board stuff. Leave the kids until last."

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Meanwhile, this mum revealed the £1.50 hardware shop item she buys before flying to keep her kids entertained.

Another told parents about her simple Amazon purchase that makes flights more exciting for her youngsters.

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