Why keeping your boarding pass after you fly could save you cash

That's because your expired ticket could give you some big discounts once you get to your location.

Conde Nast Traveller reports that on a trip to Singapore on Singapore Airlines,  they were offered a 25 per cent discount at the city-state’s National Gallery after producing a boarding pass from the airline.

The airline also offers discounts at shops and casinos in Australia if you’re travelling with them.

Meanwhile Korean Air offers the Excellent Boarding Pass scheme, which gives you free drinks and discounts on food.

You can also get cheaper entry to attractions like the Korean Folk Village and the Daemyung Vivaldi Park.

If you fly with Asiana Airlines, they offer up to half price entry on city bus tours and museums with their boarding pass within seven days of the flight, as well as discounts on the Airport Railroad Express.

Over on Alaska Airlines, there is the chance for free wine tasting and free skiing at 12 different resorts when you present an old pass of theirs.

If you're travelling on Turkish Airlines to visit Petra in Jordan, then you'll want to hang on to your boarding pass – as you'll get 15 per cent off the entry fee when you show it.

Meanwhile, in Rome you can use an Alitalia ticket to get discounts on a Roma pass, which gives access to museums across the city.

So it's well worth hanging on to your boarding pass – and also checking the website of the airline you're due to fly with in case they're doing any special offers for customers.

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