Man furious after refusing to swap plane seats with dad & ending up next to crying kid – but everyone says same thing | The Sun

A PASSENGER was left fuming after sitting next to a screaming kid during a flight – but not everyone is on his side.

The man said he was on a long-haul flight when he sat next to the 5-year-old, who had been separated from where his dad was sitting.

He explained on Reddit: "I've had problems with not getting the seat I paid for before too so I knew it wasn't necessarily their fault that they were separated.

"However, I paid extra for a legroom seat, so I wasn't very willing to give it up.

"The father asked around and tried to arrange something with other passengers, however no one he asked was willing to go through the hassle of moving and eventually he was told to sit down."

The man said the kid was nervous and then started "screaming during take-off" and was sobbing, making a mess with their food and starting at his TV screen.

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However, after seven hours the dad took his son and laughed it off – leading to the passenger to get mad.

He continued: "I calmly told the father the things I mentioned earlier. Well, he wasn't glad with those words.

"He told me that if I knew that I was going to have trouble with sitting next to an unaccompanied kid for so long I should've just moved.

"Well, this turned into a big argument and eventually we both just stormed off."

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He asked if he was in the wrong – and most people said he was as he had the option to move in the first place.

One person said: "There was nothing the dad could do about it as no one was willing to switch seats."

Someone else agreed: "You had an opportunity to move away from the kid, and chose not to. You made your choice, so stop complaining."

A third added: "Your complete lack of sympathy for a sobbing child is awful."

Some people on Reddit understood, as it is a common problem on flights for people wanting to swap seats.

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Last month a passenger sparked debate after refusing to move so a family of four could sit next to each other.

And a man recently explained why he refused to give up his seat for a mum during a flight.

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