Man has hamster flown over to join family holiday after daughter misses her pet

VIP hotel guests often have access to private butlers and concierge staff to cater to their every whim, even when they have ridiculous complaints or weird breakfast orders .

Now, members of staff are spilling the beans on the most ridiculous requests they've received.

One guest has seriously upped the stakes – all it took was the family hamster.

While on holiday, he noticed that his daughter was very much missing her pet hamster (something a lot of parents can relate to).

So, to cheer her up, he asked the hotel staff to organise for the hamster to be flown over asap to join them on their family holiday (something a lot of parents won't be able to relate to).

Of course said hamster couldn't fly solo, so a pet handler was also hired to escort the fluffy guest all the way to the hotel and directly delivered to the delighted girl.

Jim Strong, Virtuoso agent and President at Strong Travel, told Conde Nast Traveler : "Another client of mine – a big investment banker who has many homes – was worried about his daughter, who was anxious about being separated from her pet hamster during their family vacation.

"I made arrangements with an airline to secure two seats: one for the hamster, and one for a handler for the pet.

"They flew from New York to L.A., and the handler delivered the hamster right into the hands of the child. Everyone was very happy to be reunited."

Yup, the hamster got its very own seat. No, we don't know if it was in First Class – but either way we reckon that it would have been quite the surprise for fellow passengers!

Of course it is possible to fly with pets – for example, one woman even boarded a flight with her miniature pony – but we can't get our heads around someone forking out for a flight to bring a hamster out to join their holiday.

It's not the first time we've heard of employees being tasked with some of the bizarre requests from VIP guests which come their way – but a hamster getting flown across the US for a holiday is definitely one of the stranger ones!

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