Where is Moscow’s Red Square and the BBC World Cup studio and how can I visit the cathedral and buildings?

Although everyone's watching for the football, one thing that hasn’t slipped by the viewers’ notice is Russia’s Red Square.

The BBC’s pundits, led by Gary Lineker have been discussing the games in a studio that features the iconic location as a backdrop and ITV have a similar getup in their studio.

The view has clearly impressed Gary, who has been posting some spectacular images of the square on Twitter.

But where is Red Square, what’s the significance of the area and how easy is it to visit?

If you fancy taking a trip, here’s all the information you need…

Where is Red Square?

Red Square is a plaza in Moscow, Russia.

Originally designed as a marketplace, it’s served a variety of functions over the centuries and has been a hotspot for political activism, demonstrations and parades.

What buildings surround Red Square?

The most famous building that borders Red Square is Russia’s political hub, the Moscow Kremlin, that acts as residence for the President of the country, currently Vladimir Putin.

There’s also St Basil’s Cathedral, topped by those iconic domed towers you can see in the background of the BBC’s studio.

Red Square contains the State Historical Museum too, as well as the tomb for the Communist Party founder Vladimir Lenin.

Where is the BBC studio for the World Cup?

The BBC studio overlooks Red Square a short distance away from St Basil’s Cathedral, in a temporary setup that looks to have been put together especially for the World Cup.

How can I visit Red Square?

We’ve checked out Sky Scanner and if you want to fly out in the month of July to visit while the World Cup is still going on, you can get return flights from £355.

Or you fancy heading to Red Square after the action's died down a bit, you can get return flights through Skyscanner from between £250 and £300. Check out their latest prices here.

Although it’ll likely be more expensive than usual to find accommodation for your trip with demand for hotels and hostels very high with the World Cup on.

It’s a good idea to check out sites such as lastminute.com, Opodo, and British Airways to see the best value flights and hotel packages you can get.

Once you’re in Russia Trip Advisor can help you find find the best tours to take you around Red Square to see the sights and make sure you get the most out of your trip. Find their best offers here.

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What else is there to do in Moscow?

There's plenty for a tourist to do in Moscow besides visiting Red Square.

There's water parks for family holidays as well as the impressive Moscow Zoo.

Nature lovers can check out the various botanical gardens as well as the expansive national parks.

Better still, Brits get a good exchange rate for Rubles at the moment because of Russia's weak currency, but it can be a bit of a hassle getting a visa.

Is it safe to travel in Russia?

Generally the government doesn't advise against travelling to Russia, barring a few border areas close to Ukraine and the south east in general.

However there are a few warnings in place for travel, particularly around the World Cup, and it's worth reading their advice page which can be found here.

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