Mum stopped by airport security with dodgy-looking bag of white powder has hilarious excuse

A DAUGHTER has shared a video of her mum being stopped by airport security with a dodgy looking bag of white powder.

But her mum had a hilarious reason for carrying the suspicious substance.

Christina Roki posted a video on Tiktok showing her mum getting stopped by airport security.

In the video, Christina's mum's bag was taken for inspection by airport security, as the pair were preparing to board a flight to Las Vegas.

From the luggage, an airport worker pulled out a large plastic bag of white powder – which could be mistaken for drugs.

But the powder actually turned out to be sugar.

Christina said: "My foreign mum really packed a bag of sugar for her tea for our Vegas trip.

"Now we are under investigation."

She moved the camera so you could see the bag of sugar and wrote: "Tell me that does not look sus."

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The video has been watched 4m times and had more than 10,000 comments, with some people making a very obvious point.

One person wrote: "Could have just bought sugar in Vegas", in a comment that has been liked more than 250,000 times.

Another person commented: "We have sugar in Vegas too."

A third wrote: "As a Vegas native, I can confirm… we sell sugar."

One person defended Christina's mum, and wrote: "I mean, at the same time this isn't suspicious at all because what criminal would make it so obvious."

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