Passenger left stunned after woman brings unusual pet onto a flight

PASSENGERS were left stunned after a woman brought an unusual animal onto a flight.

Tiktok user Brian Torres uploaded a video from a flight, showing a woman walking over to her seat and sitting down – all while carrying a massive peacock.

As the woman sat down, she turned and swung the peacock's enormous plume of feathers round, filling the aisle.

The bird seemed very content at being held, and didn't look phased in the slightest at being on a plane.

In the video, you can hear someone ask the woman: "Is that a service animal?" To which she replied: "Yeah."

The video has been watched 3.2m times and received 31,000 comments from people baffled at how the woman got the bird through airport security.

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One person wrote: "No way she made it through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with that when they literally stopped me because of a granola bar in my backpack."

Another put: "So we can take peacocks but only a tablespoon of shampoo?"

A third person put: "Oh so I can't bring a bottle of water past the security but the [woman] can bring a whole peacock into the cabin? Where is the justice?"

Others thought the woman was lucky to have the bird onboard.

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Someone put: "I know someone with an emotional support peacock. It's the nicest damn bird", and another put: "I want one".

And some viewers were frightened of birds and thought being trapped on a plane with a peacock would be their worst nightmare.

One put: "As someone who is deathly afraid of peacocks, this would have been the death of me."

Someone else added: "They terrify me", and a third put: "I would be screaming".

An airport worker has revealed where animals are kept during a flight – and passengers are horrified.

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