Passenger sparks debate over 'idiot' plane behaviour that flight attendants hate – lots of people agree with her | The Sun

A PLANE passenger has sparked an argument about behaviour that flight attendants and other people hate.

She admitted that she was guilty of doing it and a surprising number of people were on her side.

Standing up on the plane before you're able to get off is a divisive action, with some people arguing that you should never do it, including cabin crew members.

However, one person who is on the side of the standers is Carly Weinstein (@carlyweinstein1).

She shared a video on Tiktok saying she always stands up as soon as the plane touches down and asked if anyone else felt the same.

She said: "You guys know how on TikTok everyone's obsessed with talking about sitting on the plane when the plane lands?

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"Everyone's like, 'chill out, just stay in your seat. You don't need to be standing up'.

"Yeah, I realised today that I am the complete opposite of that. And I will never be the girl that just sits.

"For some odd reason, I operate with the mindset of I always have somewhere to be and I'm in a rush.

"I was just sitting on a plane for 4 hours. I'm going to stand up and God forbid the row behind behind me gets to go in front of me because I was slacking.

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"As soon as I get the opportunity to leave, I am sprinting off that plane.

"I don't know if there's other people out there like me that are standing up and they're like, 'I gotta go'.

"But I would really love to know if anyone else feels me."

A number of people agreed with Carly, saying they had to stand up once the plane landed.

One said: "I'm the same exact way and if I’m not in an aisle seat, I panic about how I'm getting my carry on out of the overhead."

Another added: "I’m the same way. It’s my biggest peeve when people stay seated and don’t have any urgency to get their bags from the overhead bin."

Others disagreed, including one person who said: "The row behind you is not going to get out before you. Standing isn’t going to make anything go faster pls just sit and wait."

Flight attendants also disagreed, with one telling Sun Online Travel that anyone who stands up before they're able to get off the plane is "an idiot".

They said: "If you're the type of person who stands up before the plane doors are open after your flight has landed, you're an idiot.

"It can be really dangerous to stand up, especially if the plane is still moving and you're yet to reach the terminal.

"It's like taking off your seatbelt and trying to move around in a car just because you've come off the motorway. The vehicle is still moving and it can still be very dangerous.

"You're better off sitting down until the plane has at least reached the terminal, then you can start to think about gathering your belongings and getting ready to get off."

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