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A PILOT has completed his lifelong dream by converting an old plane into a three-bedroom home, which he now lives in.

Joe Axline bought a plot of land at an airport in Brookshire, Texasin 2011, along with the aircraft, and set to work converting it into his dream home.

After teaching himself how to do DIY, and with the help of his electrician brother, Joe started laying foundations and stripping the aeroplane.

Joe claims he got the idea to live in the plane after a television programmed called The Magician that he would watch as a child.

The show was about a man who would use magic to solve crimes, who lived in a Boeing 737 named the Spirit.

He started pursuing his dream after a divorce in 2011, dubbing the renovation "Project Freedom".

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He used his savings to first buy the plot of land among an aviation community called Sport Flyers.

The land has people living either side of a runway, where planes still take-off and land.

Then he bought both a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Spirit Airlines plane and the fuselage of a McDonnell Douglas MD-80, the latter which he now lives in.

Its insides have been completely renovated, including three bedrooms, a shower, a bathroom a kitchen and a living room, although it is still very obviously a plane.

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Original features, including overhead lockers and porthole windows are still in place, reminding Joe exactly what his house is every day.

Out the back of his plane home is a patio on top of a raised structure, complete with a giant chess set.

Joe also grows veg on board the aircraft, including avocados.

He isn't sure how much the property is worth now following his work to turn it into his dream home, but he also doesn't care.

He has no plans to leave the home for the rest of his life.

He told Insider: "I don't care if it goes up in value or goes down – doesn't matter to me. I will live here until the day I die."

Joe's love of flying stems from his time watching the Magician, aged 13, when he first had the idea to live in a plane.

On his website, he wrote: "At the age of 13, I watched a show on TV called The Magician with Bill Bixby.

"At the end of the show, he would drive his Corvette into the back of his airplane that he used as a private residence and fly to the next city.

"I liked magic, Corvettes and airplanes and said someday I'm going to do that."

Just three years later, he started getting flying lessons, and managed to fly enough to get a private pilot's licence at the age of 18.

After working as a pilot, Joe took the opportunity to move his whole life on board a plane, when he started the renovation.

He remains on the property to this day and urges others to follow their dreams, just as he did.

He told the Daily Star: "It's not the airplane, it's the dream. That's the angle. Be James Bond with your life to the max."

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