Pokémon Café Opens In Tokyo Offering Halloween Treats

Tokyo is a wildly popular city in Japan that include multiple attractions that any tourist would enjoy seeing or doing during their stay. The Pokémon Café is one such attraction, though its presence is also enjoyed by locals, too. With Halloween coming in just over a month, this highly sought after café is already delighting both locals and tourists with a Halloween-inspired menu.

As reported by Travel+Lesiure this past Tuesday, the food and drink menu of Tokyo’s famous Pokémon Café has changed to reflect the coming from Halloween. Expected to last from now until the day of October, consumers from all walks of life can try up to five different menu items. Each one has enough Pokémon influence that no one will leave feeling disappointed — or hungry, for that matter. Each dish is available to view on Nintendo Shop, so you can view them all before deciding which one to buy.

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New Halloween dishes at the Pokémon Café. #halloween #pikachu #tangela #golbat #gastly #sweets #tokyo #japan #pokemoncafe

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First is the Pikachu Halloween Yokubari Plate, which includes a beef patty, hash browns, salad, a fried prawn, and mashed potatoes that are in the form of Pikachu’s face. Consumers willing to spend a few extra yen can also purchase the Halloween plate it’s served on, meaning that you have a spooky yet cute souvenir to help remember your visit. Another savory option is the Gastly menchi katsu burger, which includes a minced meat patty and a bamboo charcoal bun.

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初⚡ポケモンカフェ(/ω\*)? . 期間限定のピカチュウのマロンラテ☕ ラテアートのピカチュウの頭がとんがってて可愛い??⭐ . イーブイのパフェは大きくてビックリ! でも美味しくてしっかり完食しました? . 続く。 . #ポケモンカフェ #マロンラテ #イーブイパフェ #イーブイ #ピカチュウ #ポケモン #ポケモンセンター #pokemon #pikachu #eevee #pokemoncafe #日本橋

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If you’re looking for something sweet, then you could choose the Tangela Halloween Mont-Blanc. This dessert is just puréed chestnuts with plenty of whipped cream. Those looking for drinks instead of food will be interested in both the Golbat “Dokudoku” Float, and the Pikachu Halloween Chestnut Latte. The Float is a sugary drink that includes berries, ice cream, and syrup, while the Latte is a simple coffee beverage that comes in both iced and hot versions.

If you know you won’t be in Tokyo this coming Halloween to sample any of these items, that’s okay! There are still many more Pokémon-themed food and drink options that locals and tourists can pick and choose from. But if you want a seat in the Pokémon Cafe, be still to make a reservation 30 days beforehand. Otherwise, you might miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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