Ryanair passenger refuses to move seats for mum with baby – and people are divided

A RYANAIR passenger refused to move when a woman with a young baby asked if he'd switch seats with her husband – and it has divided opinion.

Reddit user u/aerdnaras had picked and paid for the middle seat in a row for a two-hour flight and was sat next to a woman with her baby.

He explained that as soon as he sat down, the woman asked him if he'd move to the back of the plane to switch seats with her husband – to which he said no.

He wrote: " I bought my seat on row 4B which is in the middle, it may sound odd to buy a middle, but I wanted it to be as closer to the exit as possible and there were no other seats available.

"The flight was landing on a minor secondary airport which has limited train connections so if I wanted to catch the best train, I'd have to run outside the plane and do passport control ASAP.

"If I missed that train, [the] other option was to wait an hour and a half, or get a $70 cab – so that's why I paid for that seat."

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He continued: "I board my flight, tired as hell, and I have this lady with her child of [a few] months quietly sleeping sitting in the window seat.

"She immediately asks if I can move to row 18 so she can sit with her husband. I just said I paid for the seat and I did not want to move.

"Whole row was looking at me and I could see the mother texting the husband about me. Eventually no one was sitting next to the husband so she moved down the plane."

He asked if he was in the wrong as "everyone was judging him" on the flight despite no-one else offering to help the mum.

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The post has received hundreds of comments and most people agreed that the man did nothing wrong.

One person wrote: "You bought your seat, you didn't want to move. If I took a flight with my three kids and wife and we weren't all together, it wouldn't bother me. People are so entitled. You did nothing wrong."

Another put: "It was your seat, you selected it. You have no obligations to give it up to anyone if you do not want to."

A third put: "Their lack of preparation isn't your fault. They were cheap and hoping to con/cajole someone into moving."

However, some felt he should have thought of the mum's situation.

One person asked: "I get that you paid for That. Exact. Seat, but really? Why couldn’t you just do someone a favour? Have you ever been in a position that you needed a favor and that person just blew you off or was just plain rude?

"I just hope that in your future strangers are more considerate than you were."

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