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RYANAIR have insisted that all flights will operate as scheduled this week as the two-day strike starts today.

Passengers have been left concerned about whether they will face delays or cancellations when travelling with the airline.

Earlier this week, Ryanair lost their High Court bid to stop UK pilots from striking.

But the airline claims it has cobbled together enough pilots to operate as normal.

A spokesman said: "Thanks to the great work and volunteerism of the vast majority of our UK based pilots, Ryanair now expects to operate its full schedule of flights to/from our UK airports.

"We do not expect significant disruption on Thursday or Friday.

Concerned passengers can check if their flight is still going ahead as scheduled on the Ryanair website's Travel Updates page.

Passengers can input either their flight number or their departing and arriving airport to check the status of their flight.

Ryanair's UK strike troubles started last month when the Irish company's pilots were balloted over whether or not to strike.

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) said the strike is a dispute over working conditions despite staff demanding a pay rise.

Strikes will be held from 00.01am on August 22 until 11.59pm on August 23 and from 00.01am on September 2 until 11.59pm on September 4.

The announcement left many fearing that they might not be able to make wedding and birthday plans.

Ryanair wrote to the union to ask them to reconsider amid news that staff at the airline are facing job cuts and attempted to block the strike via an injunction.

However, the High Court dramatically ruled in favour of BALPA, which means that the planned strikes can go ahead.

Customers vented their fury at the airline on Twitter complaining about disrupted travel plans and an alleged lack of communication about flights next month.

One tweeted: "@Ryanair supposed to be flying to Rome tomorrow and coming back Saturday to and from Stanstead. Just read about all these strikes and now having massive anxiety about 1. Not getting to go or 2. Getting stuck out there."

Another angry customer wrote: "@ryanair are giving me the same robotic answers in DM no clearer im afraid about the flights scheduled on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September.

"No doubt we’ll be kept on the line until the last minute. Just hope that the other pilots volunteer to help us like tmrw."

A third responded to a tweet claiming the strike action by the pilots will leave them redundant, by writing: "Or perhaps @Ryanair will finally learn to treat their employees with empathy and respect. Just an idea…"

Ryanair said in a statement: "Ryanair regrets the decision by less than 30% of our highly paid UK pilots to vote for strikes on Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd August, in support of unreasonable pay demands that Captains pay be DOUBLED from a current £170,000 p.a. to over £375,700 p.a., just 9 weeks before BREXIT, which could severely damage Ryanair’s business and UK pilot jobs.

"Ryanair applied today to the London High Court for an injunction to prevent this unjustified strike by a small number of pilots going ahead during the last week of the UK school holidays.

"However thanks to the great work and volunteerism of the vast majority of our UK based pilots, Ryanair now expects to operate its full schedule of flights to/from our UK airports on Thurs 22nd and Fri 23rd."

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