Ryanair trolls BA with 'Geography for Dummies' meme after plane lands at wrong airport – but the joke completely backfires

A RYANAIR joke backfired after the airline tried to troll British Airways for failing to land at the correct airport.

Sending out a "Geography for Dummies" meme to BA on its Twitter account caused Ryanair to be inundated with examples of its own travel fails from social media users.

The BA flight from London to Dusseldorf in Germany ended up in Edinburgh yesterday after the incorrect flight plan was filed.

In response to the incident, Ryanair tweeted a picture of the book "Geography for Dummies" with the caption: "Hey @British_Airways, we have a present for you".

However, the joke quickly backfired when social media users explained the airline had done the exact same thing themselves months earlier.

One person wrote: "I think that book should stay in your collection."

Hey @British_Airways, we have a present for you ? pic.twitter.com/m3K9ZNk0Ew

Twitter users referenced a Ryanair flight that landed in Romania rather than Greece earlier this year, which was actually due to bad weather.

But the airline has made a similar error in the past – in 2006, the airline landed at a military base instead of Derry airport by mistake.

Another social media user said: "Your one to talk (sic)."

One person tweeted: "Maybe keep the book."

Others felt the airline needed another book, with some people tweeting a "Customer Service for Dummies" guide instead.

The idea of a free present also amused Twitter users as the airline is widely known for charging for extras such as hand luggage and seats.

One Twitter user remarked: "For free? Or are you going to charge them for that as well.

In 2016, a Delta flight was stormed by armed soldiers after the pilot landed at a military base by accident, Sun Online previously reported.

The flight was bound for South Dakota with 130 passengers on board when the error occurred.

It can sometimes be the passengers fault when ending up at the wrong airport – one young man found himself in San Jose in California instead of San Jose in Costa Rica after booking the wrong flight.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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