Sara Evans Joins Voices with Kids Avery and Olivia Barker: 'It's Fun to Have This Time with Them'

Last April, Sara Evans headed to her Instagram page and posted a black and white video of her living room chandelier — and that video essentially went viral.

“I’m just like any other mom in the way that my kids never want me to post anything of them, so I just filmed the chandelier while they sang,” Evans says with a laugh during a recent interview with PEOPLE.

The video showcased the undeniable harmonies of Evans and her children — 19-year-old son Avery and 16-year-old daughter Olivia Barker — on a revamped version of the legendary country singer’s chart-topping hit “Born to Fly.”

“It was that moment that sparked the idea that maybe we should go out and create something bigger,” Evans recalls.

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That something bigger was the creation of The Barker Family Band. This Friday, the newly found group will unveil a six-song EP which includes their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s massive hit “Dreams.” Today, PEOPLE has the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for that addictive and harmony-heavy song.

“I want my kids to make it on their own and not live by any constraints,” says Evans of the new project. “It’s part of the reason they use Barker as their last name and why we decided to be known as The Barker Family Band.”

And while Evans stresses that this ‘is really a one-time deal,’ the “Slow Me Down” hitmaker is cherishing this time alongside her kids. Heck, it’s always been somewhat a family affair for Evans, who spent much of her Missouri upbringing traveling around in her family’s band.

“It’s been really fun to have this time with them,” says Evans, who also tours alongside her sister and background vocalist Lesley Evans Lyons and her brother and longtime bandleader Matt Evans. “I really never thought that it would happen. This was my chance to perform with my kids before they go out and establish their own solo music careers and make their own dreams come true. We just wanted to do it one time.”

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A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Evans says she is approaching this project similar to everything she has done during a career which has included a slew of awards along with a bevy of No. 1 hits including “No Place That Far,” “Suds in the Bucket, “A Real Fine Place to Start” and “A Little Bit Stronger.”

“My kids have grown up on the road right along with me,” says Evans, who will embark on the City Winery and SiriusXM Y2Kountry present Sara Evans and The Barker Family Band – Bloodline Tour on May 7 in Washington, D.C. “They have essentially lived on a tour bus and been around adults their entire life and experienced so many different things, so being on a tour bus together just feels natural.”

Of course, when the tour wraps up, Evans says she will set her sights back on her own music, and possibly, a brand new album.

“The album is going to be cool, but its direction is going to be really different than anything I have ever done before,” she says. “I’m so ready to start on a new project and better determine what I want to do next.”

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Evans has been quite vocal about the state of the country music industry she continues to find a renewed traction within.

“Country music is so weird right now…I mean it’s ridiculous,” she says. “So this freedom that I am experiencing right now with this band feels good. I don’t need to go for radio adds or play that game, which frankly, I’m sick and tired of. Enough is enough. It’s not just about women on the radio. It’s about playing better music with real lyrics that are above a fifth-grade level.”

Evans takes a deep breath, and then seemingly lets her heart bring her back to what means the most.

“Time just goes by so fast,” she says quietly. “As a parent, kids are supposed to go on without you, but it’s still hard. So being able to be their mom and their bandmate for a little while feels really good.”

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