Secret words flight attendants use – from 'gash' to 'dairy fairy' and what they mean | The Sun

FLIGHT attendants have a lot to remember in order to make sure the service on board their planes runs smoothly from take off to landing.

However, on top of all their duties, they also have a language all of their own when talking with co-workers.

Ever wondered what a member of cabin crew means when they say "gash' on a flight?

Or perhaps you overheard a flight attendant talking about a "dairy fairy" and wondered what they were on about.

Read on to find out more…

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This is when a cabin crew member travels as a passenger, but in uniform, as they prepare to join up with a service in another airport.

The flight attendant would say they are "dead-heading" to their destination.

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This is a combination of the words garbage and trash and refers to litter.

Cabin crew will have a "gash cart" in which they will put all the "gash" that they have collected.


A slam-click is a member of the cabin crew who doesn't like to socialise after a flight.

The name refers to the sound of a hotel door slamming shut and locking.

Dairy fairy

Following a meal service on flights, a tea and coffee service is very common.

The dairy fairy will be the person responsible for bringing out a tray of extra milk, sugar and stirrers.

Tom Cruise

"Tom Cruise" is often used by cabin crew before a flight, but is nothing to do with the celebrity himself.

Ben McFarlane, a flying doctor and author, explained to the Mail Online that it means something else entirely – and nothing glamorous at all.

He said: "It's cabin crew code to work out which of the identical pots on the trolley contains coffee and which contains tea.

If 'Tom Cruise is on board' then crew are following T&C positions that day. Tea, Tom, is in the pot on the left of the cart.

"Coffee, Cruise, is in the identical pot on the right."

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