Social media goes wild over 'travel t-shirt' which means you can avoid speaking the local language on holiday

A T-SHIRT which means you don't have to learn the language on holiday has been praised by social media, which many calling it "genius".

Created by clothing brand Iconspeak, the top features symbols of commonly asked phrases, such as trains, toilets and beers.

The t-shirt called the World Edition top has 39 different images which allows tourists to point to them when asking something, if they don't speak the language.

For example, if asking where the nearby hospital, hotel or restaurant is, travellers can just point to the picture.

Social media has called the top 'genius' and that they needed the top for themselves.

TikTok users praised the clever design – one person commented: "Sir, you are a genius.

Some claimed that Google Translate was a better option and others pointed out a slight difficulty: "It's super cool but you can't understand the directions of the person giving them."

Many of the symbols caused confusion such as the moon and sun, and one even looking like a brothel according to one person.

Due to the current climate, many were also less optimistic about the t-shirt: "Yeah it would come in handy…if we ever get to travel again."

Co-creator George Horn previously told CNN that the idea came to them after breaking down in Vietnam on holiday, and had no idea how to get help.

After using a piece of paper with symbols on it, which worked, they realised the benefits of it in t-shirt form.

He said: "It was a long process. We started with a huge list of possible items and began testing a lot of prototypes."

Other t-shirts include more specific destinations with landmark symbols – such as the Statue of Liberty for New York or the Eiffel Tower for Paris – as well as city and countryside catered versions.

Don't fancy looking like a tourist? They also have tote bags and mobile phones cases to be more inconspicuous.

One TikTok user was banned from an airline after he posted a "hack" on how to get free baggage while travelling.

User RobKAllDay shared a video on his social media channel on how to get away with a free suitcase when travelling with Spirit Airlines.

Rob K. later claimed that Spirit sent him a letter confirming that he was banned from flying with the carrier for at least two years.

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