Spain, Greece and Italy Covid rules that can still ruin holiday plans

HOLIDAY hotspots are lifting many of their Covid restrictions for vaccinated adults wanting to travel.

However, there are still some rules in place for holidaymakers – many of which affect kids and teenagers.

Spain, Greece and Italy have all eased their entry restriction rules in recent weeks, no longer requiring Covid tests from adults who are vaccinated.

This includes kids no longer having to be vaccinated to enter Spain, while Italy has scrapped pre-arrival Covid tests for adults who have had both jabs.

Despite this, there are still some rules in place when it comes to going on holiday to the hotspots, which could ruin your holiday plans.

Here is everything you need to know about the restrictions still in place across Spain, Italy and Greece.

Italy – kids banned from indoor venues

To visit most indoor venues in Italy such as attractions, bars and cafes, everyone must have the Super Green Pass.

This shows the holder has been fully vaccinated.

However, kids between 12 and 17 are yet to be given both jabs in the UK and so will not be eligible for the Super Green Pass – effectively banning them from going indoors.

There is some hope – the pass hopes to be scrapped by the end of the month.

Teenagers also need a Covid test – either antigen or PCR – to enter Italy if between 12 and 17.

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Greece – Covid tests for kids

While Greece has scrapped the requirement for tests from vaxxed Brits, kids but still follow a number of rules to enter the country.

Any kids over five must have a negative antigen or PCR test to enter the country, as they are yet to be fully vaccinated in the UK.

Unvaccinated kids aged five and over are also required to take a Covid test to enter restaurants, shops and museums.

This could cause problems for families if they then test positive – scuppering holiday plans.

Greek airports are also still doing random testing on arrival which, if positive, will require a five-day quarantine.

Spain – Covid tests for teenagers

While family holidays to Spain were made much easier last month after the country eased the rules for unvaxxed teenagers, they still have to follow a number of rules.

This includes needing a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before travelling.

Adults they are travelling with do not need one – meaning if positive, it could ruin the holiday plans.

Brits have also been warned against a new Spain scam which is seeing websites charge tourists to fill in the arrival forms, despite them being free.

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