Spain will NOT go back into lockdown, claims WHO expert – despite rising coronavirus cases and UK travel ban

SPAIN is not likely to go back into full lockdown, as regions can easily be controlled, according to a WHO expert.

Director of Public Health and Environment, María Neira, explained that localised lockdowns are more likely, instead of controlling the movement of the whole country.

She told local media: "There are many places in the country where the situation has been controlled.

"For this reason, at present, a new massive confinement is not necessary."

She added that the country isn't facing a second wave, but that Spain "never left […] that first wave."

Spain is currently on the UK travel ban list, being the first to be added after soaring cases across the country.

Active cases of Covid-19 in Spain are currently 135,981, with new daily infections hitting 5,760 – the highest since April.

Spain, which is currently the worst-hit country in Europe, has registered a total of 310,000 Covid-19 cases and 28,500 deaths.

Since July 25, Brits have had to quarantine for two weeks when returning from mainland Spain, with the Balearics and Canaries following suit from July 26.

Ms Neira said there would need to be three reasons for the country to go back into full lockdown.

One would be if there was an "[affected] territory large enough to think that risk can be generated for the rest of the territory," as well as "community transmission not well controlled".

The third would be if the affected regions restrictions were not "considered sufficient" enough to control the outbreak.

The majority of the new cases are currently concentrated in Andalucia, while other badly-hit areas in Spain are based in the Catalonia region which recorded more than 5,100 new cases last week. 

Aragon saw 4,1000 new infections in the same seven days.

In Barcelona and other parts of the northeastern Catalonia region, residents were asked only to leave their homes for essential activities, though the measures are now being eased.

Another town in the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y León has been placed in confinement due to a surge in cases, according to El Pais.

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