Student slammed by mum for not helping during flight medical emergency – but people are on her side

A WOMAN was slammed by a mum for not helping in a medical situation during a flight – but people are on her side.

The 20-year-old passenger explained how they were a medical student currently in their second year.

She explained on Reddit: "If you know anything about med school you’d know that up until you start your Foundation years at the hospital you really know nothing."

During the flight, one of the flight crew asked for any medical staff onboard.

The woman said that she did eventually get up to try and help, but only after she realised no one else was after half an hour.

She continued: "When I did go to the girl who needed help, like I said before knew nothing so I told the flight attendant and let her know that I would be returning to my seat.

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"Like 20 minutes later this woman around 40 comes to me and starts yelling in my face telling me how I shouldn’t ever be allowed to practice medicine and that I should just quit now if I couldn’t help her daughter.

"When I got off the flight I told my mum about the whole situation and she told me that while it wasn’t my fault I shouldn’t have been surprised."

However, when she asked if she was in the wrong, everyone was actually on her side.

One person praised her, saying: "You did the right thing, you knew there wasn’t MUCH you could do but perhaps there’s some basics you may be able to apply more than others on the flight.

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"You ACTUALLY made an amazing decision. You didn’t let your ego get carried away. Something you should take through your whole career. If you don’t know, don’t be a hero."

Someone else agreed: "You fully understand your limits as a professional, which as a medical professional I’m sure we can all say we appreciate that. Unfortunately, most non-HCP don’t get that."

Others said to ignore the mum, who was probably upset over her daughter: "The mom was reacting emotionally to her daughter's difficulty. Moms will do that sometimes."

It isn't the first time there has been a disagreement during a flight.

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