The 10 Most Expensive Airlines To Fly In Luxury

Air Travel is never expected to be an economical mode of transportation. We all know we will have to shell out some pretty big bucks to go on that dream vacation or to visit someone that lives abroad. While we’re all aware of the basic upgrade packages that exist to enhance our flight experience, most of us have no idea that there is a far more elite way to travel. Yes, you heard it here folks – some airlines are much more extravagant and expensive than others, and they boast some pretty cool features. You do have options – many of them – and the “sky’s the limit”, as long as you are prepared to spend on the upgrades! Let’s take a look at the 10 Most Expensive Airlines To Fly With…

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10 Etihad Airways

This unique and highly priced airline bridges two international cities: New York City in the US, and Mumbai in India. The cost of this ticket is going to set you back a pretty penny, so be sure you’re ready to foot the very hefty bill for this one! The cost of one-way travel with this airline is a whopping $38,000 USD.

9 Lufthansa

Lufthansa undoubtedly is at the top of the list of most expensive airlines to travel with. We hope you are aware of that before you book as things can really get pricey with this airline. In order to purchase a round trip between New York to Hong Kong, your fees will be upwards of $43,000 USD. First-class cabins are offered here, and are much more spacious and luxurious than a regular airline. We’d sure hope so, with this price tag!

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8 Singapore Airlines

This airline has a reputation of being among the most luxurious expensive airlines in the world. It has six suites with sliding doors, a flat-bed TV on the side wall, upscale leather seats, a tablet to control blinds and lighting, a personal amenity kit, and so much more. You can top it off with a customized meal which is created specifically for your palette. There seems to be no limit to the luxurious options on this flight. If you have upwards of $30,000 to spend on a flight, this is definitely the way to go!

7 Cathay Pacific Airways

With ticket prices starting at $27,000, we’d expect a heightened travel experience with mind-blowing upgrades, and Cathay Pacific Airways doesn’t disappoint! A flight from Hong Kong to New York will set you back upwards of $27,000 but the aircraft is designed to feel and look like an art gallery. Passengers feel they are experiencing luxury, and it’s easy to forget they are aboard a plane. Luxurious cabins, exquisite food, and gorgeous decorative sculptures are among the various unique elements that make this flight worth every penny.

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6 Emirates Airlines

If you’re going to travel between the USA and Dubai, this is the flight that you want to get onto. Granted, you’ll have to have saved up $28,000 for the regular flights. Integrated cabins are designed with the utmost attention being focused on comfort and design. Each cabin has over 40 sq feet of space and a fully stocked mini bar – just for you! Zero-gravity seats turn into beds if you want to rest, and on-board showers and spas are available for you to enjoy.

5 Qatar Airlines

This airline links to over 172 destinations in the world, and holds a very high hospitality standard. Giorgio Armani products are free and available for all guests to use, take home, & enjoy. Several made-to-order food options are available, and the seats can be easily converted to a bed – each passenger also has access to their own personal TV! The catch? Well, be sure to set aside at least $26,000 for a flight with this airline! The flights are long, but the passengers won’t want to get off the plane, anyway!

4 British Airways

Extreme elegance and opulence at its finest surround the passengers aboard any British Airlines flight. Passengers are able to sit in the lap of luxury, surrounded by jaw-dropping décor and one-of-a-kind decorative accents. The interior space is transformed to represent a comfortable, yet very high-end experience. Skin care products are distributed as a “thank you “gift, as each passenger boards, and lounge services are available for guests to enjoy in advance of each flight.. Just be aware that all this goodness comes with a heavy price tag of $25,000.

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3 Korean Air

Korean Air sells their first-class ticket for $27,000 dollars if you are traveling from New York to Beijing. This is one of the most popular airlines that caters to the whims and demands of the elite passengers, while offering them a quiet, private space to wind down. Oh, and we should also mention…they feature an extensive wine-list, award-winning meals, along with Bose headphones, pajamas, and slippers that you receive as part of the swag-bag.

2 All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is one of the largest airlines in the world – and they’re among the most expensive to fly on. The inside of All Nippon Airways features cabins, fine cuisine, and amenities that we all wish we had! Be ready to spend at least $25,000 here if you’d like to stay though – the top notch services you’ll receive comes at a very high price. This airline is known to take great care of their guests during each flight, and they’re prepared to take on any of the last minute requests of their elite passengers.

1 Japan Airlines

A round trip from Los Angeles in the United States to Tokyo in Japan costs nearly 16,078 dollars on Japan Airlines. Catering to the rich and famous, this airline features reclining beds, leather furniture, concealed storage space and a 23-inch TV, among a list of other amenities. Menu options are plentiful and celebrity chefs are part of the cooking experience, so these meals are far from ordinary. If that’s not enough, rest assured they feature an extensive and impressive wine list to ensure your full relaxation during each flight.

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