The 13 best places to travel alone

Solo travelers can and do go just about anywhere, but there are certain places around the world that are particularly easy and even rewarding to visit by yourself. In crafting this list of the best places to travel alone, I looked at factors such as safety (especially for women traveling alone), local culture, the chance to meet other travelers, and the ease of getting around if you don’t speak the language.

New Zealand

Solo travelers who love hiking, mountain biking or other outdoor activities shouldn’t miss New Zealand. It’s one of the world’s most relaxing places to travel: Crime is low, and just about every city and town has its own visitor info center with friendly staff who will help you find lodging or book activities (so you’ll never feel lost). Best of all, there are countless adventures to be had, from the country’s famous Great Walks to “Lord of the Rings” tours. 

Where to stay: The intimate Hotel DeBrett is a boutique option right in downtown Auckland.

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