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IF you struggle with packing all your liquids on holiday, there is a clever item that will change the way you travel.

While they are slowly being scrapped, the 100ml liquids rules are still in place across most UK airports.

London City Airport and Teesside Airport have ditched the liquids rules, but airports including Gatwick and Heathrow are still in the process.

Not only that, but many airports abroad still have the rules in place.

If you like travelling with just hand luggage, there is an item praised online to make it easier to fit in your toiletries.

Found on Amazon, the 4 in 1 travel dispenser has four, 40ml containers in one bottle.

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This means you can pack your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer all in one, although works with any liquids.

The capsules pop out so you can refill them, and then you twist the top to use them while on holiday.

Even better, it fits into the small plastic bag that is needed to hold your liquids at security.

They also come with stickers so you can see which product is in which bottle.

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It won't cost you much either, being around £6 on Amazon.

One said: "Absolutely love this product to travel with as sometimes using hotel shampoos and conditioners have ruined my hair in the past, and taking my own in small containers ends up with leaks and such. "

Another agreed:  "I used this for my family trip to Tobago. I filled it with face soap, toner, makeup remover and face cream and I had enough for the entire trip."

A third said: "So much easier to pack than the other travel size bottles. Takes up less space and makes life a little easier!"

TikTokers have been raving about them too.

One woman, who goes by the name Elise online, revealed the clever travel bottles and people loved them.

One commented: "This is so convenient!"

Here is another hack to getting around the 100ml liquid limit on holiday.

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