The best economy seats for legroom on British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair

PICKING a seat before a flight can be a tricky one, when trying to choose between a great window view or space to stretch the legs.

Choosing the wrong seat could mean a long plane journey that is rather uncomfortable.

Getting the right seat can make all the difference when flying.

Using TripAdvisor's SeatGuru, Sun Online Travel has picked some of the most popular airlines among Brits and broken down the best and worst economy seats to select on the carriers' most typical aircraft.

The website searches through thousands of seat reviews by travellers and the maps where is best -and worst to sit on a plane.

Some of the results are surprising, for example, the front row of the plane normally means you get off first and get fed first -but not every seat up front is the best.

Others are more obvious, like steering clear of the back row on most airlines, as you won't be able to properly recline your seat and may not even have a window.

There are a few hidden gems worth searching out though, like seats in the middle of the economy section that provide maximum value for money with some extra features over the standard seat.

Read on to find out which seat to pick on your next flight – with the green seats listed as the top spots and the yellow seats as the ones to avoid.

British Airways – Airbus A380-800

BA's largest aircraft used for long-haul flights, the A380 carries more than 300 economy passengers.

While exit rows are an obvious choice for extra legroom, seat 25 D is the best economy spot on this flight.

Due to a missing seat in front, meaning you get a huge amount of legroom.

Avoid row 42 and row 78, as they have limited reclining seats and are near the toilets, while rows 31, 82 and 83 are also noisy as they are close to the galley.

British Airways – Airbus A320 Domestic

The smaller Airbus used by BA, the A320 is an aircraft for much shorter flights.As it is a smaller plane, the only real seats that have an advantage over others are the exit positions in rows 11 and 12, which have additional legroom.

Row 28 is the worst due to its restricted recline at the back of the plane, but there is another line of seats that cause considerable discomfort for flyers.

British Airways – Boeing 787-9

This aircraft, when operated by BA, is the exception to the rule that exit rows have the best seats.

The best seats in this small economy section are 30 D, E and F as they have extra legroom and a wall in front.

If you find yourself in row 30 and are allocated either window seat, you'll find yourself staring at a blank wall as there is no window there.

You may also find the exit door irritating, as some passengers have complained that it protrudes into your legroom.

Passengers who choose seats 41 A or K will be similarly unimpressed, as they won't have a window either.

Ryanair – Boeing 737-800

Ryanair has just one type of plane in their fleet, which carries 189 passengers.

Exit rows are usually the best seats on these planes, but seats D,E, and F in row 2 have also been given great reviews due to the extra legroom.

Seats 11A and 12F should be avoided if you want to look at the clouds though, as these window seats are in fact missing a window.

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EasyJet – Airbus A320 V2

EastJet's A320 V2 is their largest, seating 186 economy passengers.

The standard configuration of these planes makes the exit rows the best seats, while rows 11 and 31 are restricted reclining seats because they are behind the exit row and in front of the back wall, respectively.

Passengers sat in 30 C or 29 D may also find their trip slightly irritating as passengers queue for the toilets next to them.

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